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Her nickname is Jezzy. I had no idea. I guess I don't really know anything much except that I want to know.  She's one of those girls who wants to hide her anything that makes people look at her twice, so it seems. The last guy who had her might've been something like her, he had her and told her he didn't like her singing voice, her art, her music.  He tried to hide her beautiful pieces, maybe to keep holding onto her.  That's no reason.
It doesn't matter I suppose, she digs other guys more than me...which I would let slide, if I could just do one thing.

I'm not kidding myself that I want to do more than this, but of all things I could give her, this one seems to fit the best.  Its dressing up in a tux for her, telling some of her friends to fuss over her so she's late but in a group kind of way, putting the corsage on her hand, and taking pictures she can look back on and smile.  Its paying for the bill at dinner and returning any money she tries to slip in.  its driving with the radio on and occasional moments when we both look at each other at the same time. The smile on her face when I tell her she's beautiful and she hears it, even if only just for now.  For the eye-rolls when I lock her in the car so I can walk around and open the door for her.  The kiss on the forehead that surprises her, and then the real kiss that makes her breath catch when we part.

The corsage would dry and wrinkle, the dress probably wouldn't be worn again, or the makeup really.  But maybe when she woke up in the morning nothing else would matter, the shit wouldn't scare her or bother her all the time. Maybe she'd keep the pictures somewhere hidden safe, or maybe just the memories.  Maybe it'd be the kind of thing she wouldn't forget either, or wouldn't fade away like a dream.  Maybe she'd remember feeling beautiful.
this is a work in progress:

an idea for some of my friends who I wish would understand that they are beautiful. its also a tribute to my Love who does this kind of thing for me.
ADarkKnight Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Je t'aime, ma petite chaton <3
winged-freedom Featured By Owner May 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
so sweet!! you had a good time then? [:

btw you stiiiiiiill don't have an icon...
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